Low carbon joinery

Our respect for the natural environment doesn’t stop at the choice of sustainable woods we use in our work. We’re committed to minimising impact on the environment and ensuring our wooden furniture and joinery has the smallest carbon footprint possible.

unique-ecofuelsInevitably our work creating wooden furniture and joinery creates leftover wood. Rather than letting this wood go to waste, we’ve installed cutting-edge equipment that transforms these offcuts into briquettes for use as a recycled domestic fuel for woodburners, Rayburns, stoves and the like. These sustainable wooden briquettes make a fantastically efficient alternative to other sources of energy, they produce approximately twice the heat output of logs and more energy per kilogram than many other commonly used fuels. Our Ecofuel is available from our joinery and workshop at Herniss, near Falmouth in Cornwall and a range of retail and wholesale stockists throughout the county.


We also collect unwanted wood from other woodworking businesses in Cornwall without charge, increasing the amount of wood we recycle and helping the Cornish woodworking trade to improve productivity and our joint industrial carbon footprint.

We believe that our dedication to sustainability makes our handmade wooden windows, doors and furniture even more desirable, why not get in touch with us to find out for yourself.