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Welcoming wooden doors

First impressions are formed at the front door

Our handmade wooden doors do far more than shut out the elements and separate room from room. We believe that a wooden door should convey security, quality and character as much as function.

That’s why each wooden door that comes out of our workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall is an item of beauty as solid as they come. We design and craft exterior and interior doors from the highest quality hardwood timber before fitting them perfectly into the building for which they were created.

A front door is the focal point of any buildings’ frontage and the first part of a building touched by visitors. It can communicate grandeur, warmth, homeliness or tradition. Solid wooden doors are especially dependable and welcoming. Even the look and feel of a building’s interior doors can transform its ambience and sense of character.

From concept and design to build and finish, we can create the wooden door for you. We get involved right from the start to help you achieve something that suits your home and looks great from both inside and out. We understand that a wooden door is a wonderful opportunity to be uniquely creative with your home’s external décor, so we aim to bring to life even the most intricate pattern, veneer or glazing.

Our woodworking expertise gives a lasting and beautiful results, whether it’s a one off restoration, a pair of patio or French doors or a set of custom wooden doors throughout your home. We can also produce innovative and stylish solutions where space is an issue, from clever sliding doors to a neat bifold.