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Complete joinery consultation

Having a piece of wooden furniture, a set of wooden doors or a wooden staircase made especially for you is not only about the finished product. Our wooden furniture and joinery consultancy service provides the whole package, from initial discussions to design, problem solving to construction, finishing to installation.

Our friendly and attentive team will guide you through the creation of your woodwork project at every stage. When you visit us at our joinery near Falmouth, Cornwall, we’ll sit down to listen to your ideas, discuss possible designs and preferred materials. From here we produce conceptual sketches to discuss further with you, taking care to keep the project achievable within your budget and deadline. We can offer help when submitting a planning application or, in some cases, we can even make a submission on your behalf.

Once you’re happy with the design, your project is drawn up either on a traditional drawing board or using computer-aided design software. We will provide you with a fully detailed scaled drawing for your reference or for approval by architect, planning or conservation department. We can also offer material samples at an additional cost.

Throughout the building and finishing stages, we’ll keep you fully informed of your project’s progress before installing your completed woodwork into its new home. Each piece of wooden furniture and joinery we create is meant for only one customer with us, it’s personal.