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Artisan craftmanship

As is the case with so many other crafts, creating fine wooden doors, windows, staircases and furniture depends heavily on the raw materials used, the expertise applied and the care taken. Factory produced woodwork lacks not only the value and permanence of handmade wooden pieces, it also misses out on the experience and attention of a professional craftsman.

This woodworking craftsmanship starts with understanding the materials. We appreciate that wood takes time to grow so we only use wood from sustainable sources and spend time treating it with care and respect. To know a piece of wood is good enough for your joinery project, we don’t count the rings, we use our knowledge and senses to select only the most suitable cut, texture and density.

Once a piece of wood is selected, we meticulously craft and contour each element to perfection within our workshop near Falmouth, Cornwall, using traditional manual techniques wherever possible. We take pleasure in seeing wooden joinery take shape through our work and come together to become the piece you asked us to create for you. But our commitment to quality doesn’t mean sacrificing timeliness, we pride ourselves on being able to work to deadlines which are often tight, without any loss of attention to detail.

We know our work will be judged on the way it looks not just now but in generations to come. Our dedication to our craft means that we can be confident in the longevity and lasting appeal of our woodwork.